Ultimate HLC


This Quantum Energy Underwear generates hundreds of millions of high-frequency vibration wave at a time which promotes the flow rate of microcirculation and accelerates metabolism. It is conducive for the removal of blood vessel hoards and harmful substances in the body, such as lipid plaques, fouling, thrombosis.

It releases 360 degrees of balanced pressure, releases energy magnetic field round the clock that activates body cells so that the cells have sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply, body electric field is balanced and human internal organs can be well protected thereby harnessing the energy on your body all day long for faster healing and support. 

 Release a variety of energy wave to reduce the harm of electromagnetic  waves

Optimize blood viscosity, release energy and supplement energy layer

Release negative ions, increase nutrient absorption and body oxygen content

Improve the s*xual and reproductive abilities of men.

Free stretch space, comfortable to wear.

New Modal Fabric, moisture absorption, baby muscle touch, no pilling after wearing for a long time.


  • Promotes the speed of micro circulation in the male reproductive system.
  • Improves the body’s balance, flexibility and exercise capacity.
  • It improves male reproductive health with immediate results.
  • Relieve soreness, lowers tension, and reduce stress.
  • Helps promote the secretion of testosterone
  • Improve the ability of spermatogonia to divide and produce sperm
  • Effective bactericidal and antibacterial
  • Improvement micro-circulation 
  • Helps for antibacterial & deodorization of the testicle
  • Significant effect for healthy male reproductive system
  • Prevent scrotal eczema, urethritis, prostatitis and other symptoms
  • Prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids and remove foul/offensive odour. .
  • Effectively stimulate hormones
  • Enhance renal motility
  • Prevent impotency, Premature ejaculation, and penile atrophy
  • Promote penile development
  • Improve s*xual function
  • Improve the quality of s*xual life 
  • Enhance the body’s immunity.
  • Helps reduce low back pain

Repeated Washing, Does Not Decrease Energy


NORMAL PRICE : #34,000

PROMO PRICE : #17,000


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  • Do not fill this form with the mindset of testing whether the form is really working.
  • Do not fill this form if you have a tentative assignment that may warrant you travelling, thus making your availability to collect the parcel impossible.
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Our Watchword

"A satisfied customer is one who will continue to buy from you, refer other customers and in general be a superstar advocate for your business".

In view of the above we have 14 days money payback guanrantee. So if you realize that after 14 days you are satisfied with our product, kindly call or text 08137409702. You'll get your money back with no questioning or brouhaha

This Quantum Energy Underwear  is highly Comfortable,with a unique fabrics antibacterial finish that has help me reduce my private part odor and ltching.Bringing an end to scrotal dampness and frequent urination.I recommend this Quantum Energy Underwear to all men..

Mr Nwachukwu Ibe (Onitsha)

It been ages,I did enjoy and last longer during copulation with my wife.My level of secretion of quality semen was amazing beyond imagination,I was happy because I felt like a superman.This Quantum Energy Underwear has indeed help me regain my lost confident and restore my SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE ABILITIES as a MAN..


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