Do you know that going back and forth to your laptop to scrool up and down while handling a presentation can hamper your efficiency?.... You dont have to under such extress again, all you need is  Wireless Multimedia Presenter. It is equipped with top-grade microchip, up to 100 meters wireless range.

´╗┐With its red pointer light you'll get the whole room focused on your most important presentation points.  No driver or software/app is required.




PROMO PRICE : 20,000


  • Do not for any reason fill the form when you are not financially ready or will not be financially ready in the next 48 hours.
  • For clarification/enquiries call this number 07025500185 before you place an order.
  • Once you click submit, we are charged heavily for the advertisement, so instead of filling the form when you dont have money, just call our office line for enquiries rather than filling the form

 Thanks for your trusted level of understanding.

Mr Chukwuemeka (Owerri) - Its a great presenter and laser pointer. I just got it and am very pleased. It works perfectly with my MacBook Pro. I had no difficulty getting it to work with both Powerpoint and Keynote.

The laser is red color and has good intensity. I am very pleased with this device.

Dr. Okpokwu (Makurdi) : I got this because of my profession (lecturing). I don't like being stuck at my computer when teaching the classes. The product is big enough that you don't feel like you are going to lose it, but small enough that it fits comfortably in your hand. I also like that it has a slot to hold the USB doggle.

Barr. James (Warri): I really liked that it is compact and fits into any of my suit pockets or into the pen pocket in my briefcase. Its very sleek and simple design works great for any business person on the go.

Dr(Mrs) Dolapo (Lagos)- The product is quite good and works as expected. One reason for choosing this product is it had the needed feature of controlling the volume from the presenter, some models like Logitech did not have.

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